Friday, September 16, 2011

My worst experience - flying

Flying has been my nightmare, not because im scared of it but because of delays, cancellations and  endless wait at the airports or frustrated on the road trying to catch my flight on time and sometime, miss it. This has been happening every single time I fly between NY and Atlanta and now I feel like im jinxed.

my love and admiration for aviation is being further detoriated by the way few airlines operate..i never had a problem with Delta or Airtran, but with US airways n united I hardly had one single good experience, not to hurt loyal cuatomers and nohing personal against the airline company, its just that my flights with them either gets delayed, cancelled or leaves me stranded all night when my miss my connection, and with their so called code shares and random airlines operating their planes I even lost confidence on how safe air travel is, I feel like I am sitting on a local bus driven around by random drivers who holds a license to fly. I pity the airline staff who look so tired working 15hr shifts,this makes me wonder how many hours of sleep the pilot gets to sleep before he gets to his seat to fly us out.

Speaking of delays I fly one of the trecherous routea which is always bogged with thunderstorms and some crap in the air which says no to flying..and laguardia will guard me right at the security gate and I wait till the next day when the cloud is clear.

Today is one such day where I sit stranded at charlotte after a deeelayed departure from NY,my next flight is at 8am to atlanta and im hoping it would be on time.

Flying is fun no more, not for me atleast.

Few things I would like to advice

Book tkts atleast 2 weeks early

If u have spare days try using pricelines bidding, you would get good rates just make sure u read their cancellation policy before u jump.

Please please see ur local weather n then book flights accordingly.

Carry your phone charger, comes in handy(just like how im plugged ight now)

If u are a frequent traveller try carrying as less as u can, sometimes u may be asked to check in your bags at the gate and that will delay your plan when you arrive at your destination.

If you are flying into NY there are airport shuttles which goes to manhattan n makes stop at penn station, grand central and port authority bus terminal or if you are a public transport freak take m60 anf get down at queens blvd then hop on the N train which takes you to times square or the next stop is where the PATH trains are..PATH takes u to jersey city(please look the rest up)

Thanks for reading..

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