Sunday, October 30, 2011

Velayudham - Veluthu pona paper kaagidham

*Note - Let me tell you that i am not a big fan of masala movies and its heroes so please avoid reading further if you are one.

Velayudham - is our Hero who calls himself - MASS(Mindless Ageing Self-proclaimed Star) is at it again, using the age old formula to give you 3 hours of clueless head banging theory using the below formula

MASS = {S(V/iT)*(Hr)2 + C}

where S = Sister Sentiment
V = Villain
iT = International Terrorists
Hr = Heroine
C = Comedian 

The hero Velayudham is a confused son of a gun madly in love with his sister and does not have any other better thing to do but play pranks and irritate the villagers, less did he know that a girl will confuse the hell out of him by showing him few clips of chennai people who in reality has gone crazy watching 20/20 cricket and having a blast, instead our hero totally misunderstands and gets convinced that the people are begging for his help and bring them out of miseries like bomb blasts, kidnaps and so many anti-social things which strangely happens only in Chennai(fact is nothing like that is even happening and Chennai is not like the FU$$#cked up place as this stereotypical director wants the audience to believe) so in order to tackle all shit going on in Chennai the hero decides to be a Mass of everything, flexes muscle to show he has tetra pack, romances in songs with different hair style in between the chaos happening around and in between he travels in train to be connected with his village. Acting skills is a special mention guess the hero feels shy to even flex his facial muscles so shakes head and flutters eyelids and gives chewing gum lip movements instead in every song, comedy & action scenes, rest is comedy and villainy sequences inserted in the movie with insane camera shakes and thunderous street music to keep you awake and exhausted till the end.

No of times the name Velayudham is repeated in the movie = mind boggling 5 times every minute avg so please do the math(guess the director wants to make sure the name gets registered in the audiences mind) its f$$$$kn stuck in my head now.

Hero - a copied character from the video game Assassins Creed to fight 15 + Villains( Guess the director's 10yr old son wrote the script, must be a huge fan of Assassin's creed video game, even the knife sliding out from under the arm in the video game is copied), rest of his costumes throughout the movie stands out from the crowd so he can be identified as to what he proclaims - Mass, the hero has nothing else to do other than that.
Villain - this Character is outsourced to any state near to or away from Tamil Nadu, special feature which won a role for him in the movie, beard on ear lobes.
Comedian - I would say that he is the hero of the movie, manages to tickle the funny bones in every scene he comes. Sad part is the whole movie has comedy scenes only a teenager can enjoy, scenes like stripping a saree, having a boner and getting yelled at, guess its the same with half the movies released these days.
Heroines - The Director is having a hard time deciding what he wants with heroines in the movie too, so he employes two heroines to satisfy audiences liking, one with a screen presence which takes up entire screen volume during song and romance scenes and another which has a presence to show that she is the only person in the movie with a brain. 
International Terrorists - A group which displays its name on a board to tell the audience who they are (gee - had) and yells the slogan throughout the movie. Stays very focused that he would only stay in chennai and carry out their rituals.

The movie has nothing more to review, its a no-brainer, I was fooled by the biased reviews that the movie has comedy throughout and ended up going to the theater only to find out i'm just one among the 9 members in the theater, i should have ran out immediately but i decided not to and witnessed this kaaviam.
I would say that the movie has good comedy, hands down Santhanam steals the screens and has much better screen presence and acting skills than the rest. Political views are splashed all over the movie. Good Characters are wasted and has nothing to do but just show up in a couple of scenes.
Special mention to the director who can think out of the box just for this one scene though where one of the 10 villains in the movie chooses a blind girl instead of the rest to satisfy his urge so she does not scream when she sees the villains gory face up close,WAH simply brilliant, the thought process gone into thinking so deep to bring such a scene to make people cringe with disgust showcases his skills, too bad he is not able to employ his skills in any other part of the movie.
The Hero is caught up with identity crisis and does everything he can to capture all type of characters he wishes to be on the screen, sorry to say but fails miserably to appeal.

Velayudham - veena pona paper kaagidham

Plus - Santhanam Comedy
Minus - Everything

Kaart's thoughts

Friday, September 16, 2011

My worst experience - flying

Flying has been my nightmare, not because im scared of it but because of delays, cancellations and  endless wait at the airports or frustrated on the road trying to catch my flight on time and sometime, miss it. This has been happening every single time I fly between NY and Atlanta and now I feel like im jinxed.

my love and admiration for aviation is being further detoriated by the way few airlines operate..i never had a problem with Delta or Airtran, but with US airways n united I hardly had one single good experience, not to hurt loyal cuatomers and nohing personal against the airline company, its just that my flights with them either gets delayed, cancelled or leaves me stranded all night when my miss my connection, and with their so called code shares and random airlines operating their planes I even lost confidence on how safe air travel is, I feel like I am sitting on a local bus driven around by random drivers who holds a license to fly. I pity the airline staff who look so tired working 15hr shifts,this makes me wonder how many hours of sleep the pilot gets to sleep before he gets to his seat to fly us out.

Speaking of delays I fly one of the trecherous routea which is always bogged with thunderstorms and some crap in the air which says no to flying..and laguardia will guard me right at the security gate and I wait till the next day when the cloud is clear.

Today is one such day where I sit stranded at charlotte after a deeelayed departure from NY,my next flight is at 8am to atlanta and im hoping it would be on time.

Flying is fun no more, not for me atleast.

Few things I would like to advice

Book tkts atleast 2 weeks early

If u have spare days try using pricelines bidding, you would get good rates just make sure u read their cancellation policy before u jump.

Please please see ur local weather n then book flights accordingly.

Carry your phone charger, comes in handy(just like how im plugged ight now)

If u are a frequent traveller try carrying as less as u can, sometimes u may be asked to check in your bags at the gate and that will delay your plan when you arrive at your destination.

If you are flying into NY there are airport shuttles which goes to manhattan n makes stop at penn station, grand central and port authority bus terminal or if you are a public transport freak take m60 anf get down at queens blvd then hop on the N train which takes you to times square or the next stop is where the PATH trains are..PATH takes u to jersey city(please look the rest up)

Thanks for reading..

Friday, June 10, 2011

Please Turn Off your Electronic Devices - In Flight

A new confidential report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), meant to evaluate whether in flight cell phone usage and other electronic devices can really interfere with airplanes. The report is based on surveys returned by employees of 125 airlines covering flights from the years 2003 to 2009. Out of that sample, 75 incidents were identified as examples of possible electronic interference. On the basis of those incidents, "there really could be serious safety issues related to cellphones and other PEDs."

One case involved a 747 flying at 4,500ft whose automatic pilot disengaged by itself. When flight attendants went through the cabin they found four passengers still using their electronic devices. Once switched off, the flight carried on without incident. The study described how 'a clock spun backwards and a GPS in cabin read incorrectly while two laptops were being used nearby.

True or not i personally feel that the usage of electronic devices should be avoided during flight and for the sake of security. Airlines do request passengers to turn of their personal devices during flight take off and landing but i wish IATA brings in stricter policies against the use of devices and bring in more awareness.  The last thing a passenger wants is to have his electronic devices checked in along with his baggage or to have them sealed and handed over to the crew and made to collect at the baggage collection area.

Just turn off that damn electronic device!!!!! 


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Chennai's very own Central Park - The Adyar Poonga

Meet Joss Brooks, who through his brand of restoration ecology has given Chennai an unimaginable makeover. For Joss Brooks Adyar Park is another restoration story, his early success stories include Auroville of Pondicherry. Once he had the contract his team removed 60,000 tons of garbage and rubble from the site. He created water-bodies, and around them planted 90,000 seedlings of 172 indigenous species on 300 tons of laterite soil brought from Auroville. It has an Environmental Education Center, and a children’s interactive area. The nursery has specimens for medicinal plants, models for solid-waste management and renewable energy. Standing stones have been painted with beaks and bird feet. The Park has breathing space for insects and animals to breed and colonize, and plants to establish themselves Joss sees Adyar Park as an environment- education tool. “We started organizing exhibitions and visits for children. We talked to the people around not to throw garbage. If the water flowing into the Park is to be clean, streets have to be clean, garbage has to be separated. It is a residential area, so the involvement of local people is essential,” he says. “I am not a scientist,” he claims, so think of him as one whose dreams are painted a bright green. In his “magical process”, the eco-restoration will leave the tidal water coming in under Santhome causeway sparkling clean.

Children will swim in the Buckingham Canal and people will cycle to work along a sweet smelling Otteri nullah. “Just imagine!” he says, “Chennai could be a city of clean waterways and lakes.” He was thrilled to spot a painted stork That came calling for the first time, on his birthday. Species of animals and birds are regular visitors now. He says proudly, “Here’s a wild space in the middle of the metropolis, giving a bit of Chennai back to Mother Nature.”

Chennai has its own Central Park theme now (Like Central Park NY) for its folks who desperately need one such park to cool their heels, Eco park will be a welcome break and i wish more such projects would be taken up in the future by Mr. Joss Brooks and make Chennai a living paradise. 

Pic & Content Courtesy: The Hindu

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Final Mission - Space Shuttle Endeavour

NASA's space shuttle Endeavour completed its final mission this morning, touching down safely in Florida. Endeavour spent a total of 299 days in space, traveling more than 122.8 million miles during its 25 flights. Its first launch took place on May 7, 1992 -- its final launch on May 16, 2011. "We want to thank all the tens of thousands of employees who have put their hands on this incredible ship," shuttle commander Mark Kelly said moments before liftoff. Endeavour and its six-member crew delivered the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2, the Express Logistics Carrier-3, and additional spare parts for the Dextre robotic helper to the International Space Station. Collected here are images from Endeavour's final trip as NASA prepares for to launch its final shuttle, scheduled for July 8th

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extreme Engineering - Boeing 747

This is what happens when a one Million Pound Boeing aborts Take off...